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About Family Ministry

YWAM Latvia Family Ministry is focused on reaching families in Latvia, Europe and other nations. The goal is to strengthen, disciple, and see healing, in order to build strong families.

YWAM Family Ministry recognize the vulnerability and brokenness in many families and are presently working to invest in Latvian families, and promote healthy family models built upon Biblical foundations.

We believe that as families are strengthened and healed, that society and the nation will be strengthened and healed.

We also want families to know God and to make Him known!

What is the Family Centre?

It is a beautiful, peaceful retreat centre located in Liepaja city region, and close proximity to the Lithuanian border.

It is a special place that can serve our Family Ministry Latvia vision. The property is in the forest and covers an area of 9 acres (3,6 ha). There are 8 buildings, wooded areas, a large pond and a meadow.

We believe and know that this place will serve to bring a blessing to families from Latvia and abroad.

We are called to create a space in Latvia, where families with some difficulties in relationships or other challenges can come and receive real help, encouragement, training and healing. This would be a retreat where families can simply spend quality time together through various retreats, events and seminars.

Our vision:

We believe that with the right tools and opportunities, families can make the right decisions that will lead them to success, creating healthy relationships with children, youth and among parents, and to eventually contribute to the local community.

Our goal:

To create and develop a space where families can be strengthened in their relationships, and contribute to the family’s future development.

Some of our plans:

Counselling for couples and families, family events, seminars and different training programs for families, family camps, and other projects.

Family Ministry in Latvia exists to see strong families that are formed upon Biblical foundations. We work to create various activities for families and individually for parents and children, events for the whole family, family camps, counselling and consultations, thematic events for strengthening the relationships of couples, seminars, and organising missions trips for families.

We cooperate with various organisations and churches in Latvia in order to develop and promote work with families.

Current activities

Development of the Family Centre  we invite to participate anyone who wishes to support with donations, resources or service to complete the restoration of existing structures and build cabins. We are looking for teams and volunteers to come serve short or long term.

We are looking for long term staff who have a heart for families, youth, and child and would love to serve practically, through training, counselling, mentoring, and development

Contact the Family Ministry leaders

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YWAM Latvia Family Ministry leaders
Juris and Kristīne Beķeri-Brīvkalni
Telephone: +37120025121