We’re passionate about reaching out to people from all different walks of life, and every part of society.  Our ministries fall into various categories: equipping and discipleship, reaching out to those who aren’t yet following Jesus, and ministering to people in need, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional.  At our core is a heart for missions and the nations, but we also believe we are to be salt and light where we live, and to reach out to the lost and broken in Latvia. Here are a few of the outreach ministries that we are involved with.

Hosting Teams & Volunteers

Short term teams are an essential extension of our long term work, and enable us to go much broader and deeper. We focus on unreached villages and towns, as well as cities where our long term staff are located. Teams can be focused on a specific practical or outreach project, or serve in a variety of ways. We partner with many other churches and organizations to see teams placed in the best way possible.

Mobilization for Cross-Cultural Mission

We believe we are to see a wave of young people mobilized to life on mission, especially to our eastern neighbors. Over the years we have sent teams to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Albania and other nations in Europe. As well as Brazil, Egypt, and India.

Family Ministry

We desire to help families be renewed and build strong godly foundations. We are organizing events for couples, running family camps and meeting with people. Follow us in Facebook. For more information visit their website.

Wings for Wheels

W4W is a ministry working with and serving those with mobile disabilities, through small groups, camps, awareness, discipleship, and therapy. This is a ministry of YWAM Riga. For more information visit their website.


A ministry fighting human trafficking through prevention, raising awareness, and building relationships with women who have been and are sexually exploited. F61 is a ministry of YWAM Riga. For more information visit their website.

Kings Kids

A ministry of equipping children & youth to experience the proven character of God. Camps & weekend events include discipleship, prayer, worship, & preparation for outreach ministry. The kids also participate in outreach using songs, dance & their own testimonies & travel around the nation & to other countries. This is a ministry of YWAM Valdemarpils.

Baltic Bread Project

An outreach project centered around the giving of fresh bread as a gift, that symbolizes Jesus’ love, which they can enjoy or share. The aim is to challenge the paradigm of giving and receiving, as it is given to anyone. This is a ministry of YWAM Riga.