Why Latvia?

It may surprise you that Latvia is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Untouched white sandy coastline, scores of rivers and lakes, as well as pine and birch forests are part of the experience. The capital city of Riga, called the Paris of the North by some, was European Capital of Culture at 2014. Same year Lonely Planet listed Riga as number 4 in the top 10 cities in the world to visit, the National Geographic Traveler listed Riga in its Best Trips 2014 list and even the New York Post wrote a nice little article at 2014. Riga is home to the greatest display of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. Latvia is also one of the top greenest countries in the world. Latvians love music, the arts, theater, and are also avid hockey fans! The Huffington Post wrote at 2014 why Latvia is Europe´s Best Kept Secret. At 2016 Lonely Planet listed Latvia as number 5  in the top 10 countries in the world to visit.

Latvia is a multiethnic and multilingual nation strategically located in the crosshairs of northern, western, and eastern Europe. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine are just a short drive away, and there are many direct flights to Central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Latvia is a nation that can bridge the gap between east and west.




The Other Side

After enduring years of oppression under occupying forces of the Soviet Union, Latvia has come into it’s own these past 20 years since independence. With new found freedom, has come promise, but also strain for a country adapting to capitalism. Latvia is still reeling from the financial crisis of 2008 and trying to build a new economy in a competitive world.

Regardless of big city or small village, high suicide rate, depression, rampant alcoholism and single parent homes are a part of the landscape

Prostitution and the sex industry play quite a role in Latvia. With many unemployed, some fall into prostitution and become trapped, due to alcohol and drug addictions. Cheap flights from UK and Southern Europe have resulted in a wave of men searching weekend thrills at the expense of sexually exploited women in desperate situations.

Spiritually, there is a mix of cultural Christianity, paganism, occultism, atheism, new age and a remnant of true, passionate believers including those who held strong during Soviet oppression, and those who have found  Jesus in the past few years.




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Your Place

The YWAM Latvia family truly believe Latvia isn’t just another well worn path for you to do a DTS, join staff or volunteer.  You can be a part of seeing a nation discipled and other key nations in this region reached.  The potential to transform a nation is within reach.  We challenge you to pray and contact us to find out more about this unique possibility and how you can be involved.