School of Biblical Christian Worldview



About the School

See the world through God’s eyes and understand what He wants to do in your life and through you in this world.

Learn to let you thinking and analyzation start from a Biblical foundation. Get tools to evaluate what you hear and see.

This school is U of N accredited.




  • Grow in understanding today’s society and how we got here
  • Overviews of philosophy and art and how they’ve impacted today’s societies
  • Learn how to approach and comprehend other perspectives
  • Wrestle with science and faith

Course Overview


January 13 – April 5, 2019


YWAM Valdemarpils Training Center



Registration fee €50

*Price covers housing, food and all study materials


Successful completion of a DTS is required in order to attend the SBCW.

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*Inquiries can be asked in Latvian, English, and Russian.