Whether you’re looking to do a DTS or you’ve completed your DTS and want to continue studying with YWAM, we have something for you. We also run various seminars and team building courses for school groups, businesses and youth groups.





The Discipleship Training School is an intensive six month course focused on you and your growth with God. There’s a 3 month lecture phase followed by an outreach phase. It’s a time to discover the heart of God in relation to His mission and where you fit within it. You’ll experience life among different cultures and create lifelong friendships. For more information check out the DTS page.

After DTS

After you’ve completed a DTS, you’re eligible to continuing studying with YWAM. We run the Foundation for Counseling Ministry (FCM), the Bible Core Course (BCC) and the School of Worship (SOW).


NIKO is a five-day wilderness leadership training program where participants step out and discover more about who God made them to be. The learning environment is the great outdoors, the “classroom of life.” NIKO focuses on working as a team, being a leader, and pushing yourself beyond limits you thought you could never overcome.


Ropes Course

The ropes course is a great opportunity for groups, companies, families, classes and teams to be active and spend time together while learning about teamwork, confidence, goals, leadership and communication with each other!

All of our schools are credited through the U of N. Founded upon biblical principles, U of N is committed Christ’s Great Commission by equipping men and women spiritually, culturally, intellectually, and professionally, and inspiring them to use their God-given abilities to communicate and demonstrate the Good News in all nations.