NIKO & Ropes Course

NIKO is a 5 day wilderness training program, you will learn skills vital to working as a team & being a leader. You’ll push yourself beyond limits you thought impossible to over-come. As an individual or a group you will learn new levels of interdependence with others. Through NIKO experiences you will begin to understand more about yourself & your gifts. You will begin to learn what motivates you, as well as your unique style of leadership.


Ropes Course is a training program focused on team improvement. Teams will be challenged to reach goals, to overcome fear & trust issues & to think creatively. Participants will learn how to lead & how to follow while being challenged physically, mentally & emotionally. Ropes Course is available for various teams, such as families, school classes & sports teams. Teams can be a minimum of 6 & a maximum of 50. Sessions last 4 to 16 hours and are actual between May to October.

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