Foundation for Counseling Ministry

About the School

The Foundations for Counseling Ministry school will expose you personally to the Biblical processes of healing & restoration of the spirit & soul. It is designed to be a time of deeper personal growth, & to give foundational preparation for future ministry with people. Many have testified to life-changing experiences during this school as they met God in deeper ways.

Course Content

  • Understanding God’s grace and extending it to others
  • Biblical foundations of counseling and active listening
  • Healing and restoration through relationships
  • Family systems
  • Divine plumb line teaching and ministry – the power of the Cross
  • Identity in Christ and self-awareness
  • Gender awareness
  • Emotions and renewing of the mind
  • Biblical perspective of the human personality
  • Role of the Holy Spirit in counseling, intercession and spiritual warfare

Course Overview





Liepaja, Latvia



Approximately €1,500

*Separate Outreach Cost



Successful completion of a DTS is required in order to attend the FCM








Lecture Phase

The 12 week lecture phase includes various ways of learning for your own development to equip you for future counseling ministry. This happens through formal lectures, discussions, workshops, small group interaction, personal study, and one to one feedback opportunities. Living together in community with students and staff provides opportunity for application of what has been learned. Biblical counseling skills will be modeled by staff and visiting teachers.

Outreach Phase

The outreach phase will be 8-12 weeks in length. It is an important time for your knowledge, skills and character growth to be put into practice in a cross-cultural ministry context. You will be challenged to explore ministry opportunities among various groups of people. The outreach will target groups and individuals where serving and meeting their felt needs leads to relationship. Through relationship, opportunities come for sharing truth that leads to spiritual growth. Other purposes for the outreach are to learn to live a renewed lifestyle and to learn to work in a team. You will have time to grow in your cross-cultural understanding and to practice intercession and spiritual warfare. Opportunities will be given to teach and to counsel during this time.

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*The FCM is a U of N accredited school.