YWAM Stockholm and YWAM Latvia are inviting you to take part in International Christian Mercy Project in Struzhani, Rezekne region, from 24 February to 3 March, 2018. This charity project is led by Tjebbo van den Eijkhof – a Dutch missionary in Sweden. Tjebbo has brought teams of Christians to Latvia for more than 20 years to help Latvians practically and to share the Gospel. We have been in many different regions in Latvia – Kraslava, Balvi, Sabile, Livani, Valdemarpils, Dagda, Bauska, Smiltene, Kolka, Jekabpils, Liepaja, Jelgava, Rezekne, Ogre. This is a place where you can practically help people who have very little or nothing at all.



During the outreach we go to homes, give food bags to people, listen to their stories and share the gospel. We hand out clothing to each one who needs it; we run meetings for youth, children, women and people with disabilities, as well as big evangelization meetings.

During the week we live and eat all together, it is not a 5 star hotel, it is very simple – mostly we stay in classrooms in the local school. The first days of an outreach we spend in preparation – praying over the city, making teams, unloading trucks with clothing and food, preparing food bags and sorting out clothing, so it is also hard work, but it is worth it for sure.

Each year is different, but the basic idea stays the same – we want to come and be a blessing to the needy and poor.

This year we want to start something new – we want to go to a small village, and we want to do that more in the future, because the needs in small places are bigger than in the cities. This year we want to take a team of 200 people to Struzhani – Do you want to be a part of it?



24 February to 3 March, 2018




Strūžāni, Rezekne region





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